No Trepidation on Intrepid

25 Apr

Not to brag too much but this trail along the rim of Dead Horse Point State Park is fantastic.  This brand spanking new singletrack was designed by locals along with the IMBA Trail Care Crew and built by locals with the assistance of pros from the American Conservation Experience trail crews. The trail winds along through the pinion-juniper desert in and out of small drainages, up and over rock ledges and out to spectacular viewpoints that take your breath away.  The ride is designed for beginners and families and is where to go for a refreshing, remote, laid back peddle through some of the most wonderful country where you will most likely see deer, rabbits, hawks, and an aerial view of the Colorado River like no other. The trail moves back and forth from the rim to minimize impacts to wildlife, skirts potholes to protect local fauna access to water, avoids cryptogamic soils that hold the desert in place and keeps you abreast of your location through an informative map signage system. The complete 9 mile loop system will keep every member of the group engaged and if you are lucky enough to have rented the group site (located along the route), some of them can break off and relax with a beer or a cup of tea while everyone else goes for a second round.





One Response to “No Trepidation on Intrepid”

  1. Darrin April 27, 2009 at 3:44 pm #

    YES!! This trail is fantastic and thanks for the hard work.

    Moab Bike Patrol

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