First Annual “Art for Trails” event comes off without a hitch.

5 Nov

MTA is known for getting things done on a shoestring. The latest endeavor was hatched at the November 5 board meeting where it was decided that in 3 weeks time, on October 30, we would throw a schwanky cocktail party/fundraiser and invite local artists to offer work for sale at a 60(artist)/40(MTA) split. MTA needed to generate some cash and artists were facing the dreaded slow winter season. MTA board chair, Ashley offered her beautiful house as the venue, invites were printed, food and drink purchased, art gathered up, and RSVP’s collected. At 6pm the doors opened and the “gallery” was immediately bustling as participants enjoyed lively conversation, yummy appetizers and libations, and a varied offering of creativity appealing to every price range and taste. The evening was a success as evidenced at 11pm by a thoroughly grazed food table, an impressive number of used wine glasses and enough of a dent in the art collection to fatten the coffers. Next year the preparations will begin more in advance and the guest list will be much longer.

 A special thanks to all participating artists:

Tom Till

Serena Supplee

Chris Conrad

Louise Seiler

Shirley Ragen

Scott and Katie Anderson

Chad Niehaus

Chloe Hedden

Anne Vitte Morse


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