More new stuff in Moab

The Pipe Dream Trail

Yesterday I went exploring on the west side of town where Jeff Fink, Trail Mix’s trail builder extraordinaire has been hard at it. He is spending most of his afternoons on the utility corridor below the Moab Rim creating what has been the dream of many in the community for 9 years. Formerly the late night hooligan party and bonfire zone, ATV youngster hang out and jeep hill climb practice area is being transformed into the much more sustainable and neighborhood friendly Pipe Dream non-motorized trail. That doesn’t mean no motors are allowed in the entire corridor, it means that land managers have said “ENOUGH!” and the free-for-all attitude is gone. There are lots of fences, many closed areas, and a marked absence of large fire pits ringed by beer cans and broken bottles. The whole place breaths a palpable sigh of relief. As recovery becomes more apparent, because it does take awhile in the desert, stewardship will become contagious with all users groups. Meanwhile Jeff shows up most days around three in the afternoon with a volunteer or two and they move rocks and rake tread and perpetuate the dream.


Moab Brands update

Two days ago representatives from Moab City, Trail Mix, and MTA went on a field trip with local citizen Scott Escott to recon new routes he has been designing for the Bar M Mountain Bike Focus Area. His idea is to more than double the 11 miles of current trails with beginner and intermediate loops that traverse and intertwine through a previously undeveloped part of the focus area. Undeveloped, in this case, means in the non-motorized trail sense of the word. All of the Bar M area has been used and abused for many decades with 4-wheeling and mining and grazing and this trail system puts order and sustainability where there has been none. It also adds that many more reasons for folks from Moab to ride their bikes across the new Colorado Riverway Bridge and along the bike path past Arches with this as their destination for the day.


Lions Park Trail and Transit Hub

After a year of meeting and collaborating, the Lions Park Planning Group (LPPG) and the Recreational Trails and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) program has completed a concept plan that encompasses and expands all ideas that have been discussed for the past 10 years on what should happen at Lions Park. Believed by many to be the most under-utilized piece of real estate in Grand County, it now has the chance to transform into a true gateway to the community. Another grant from the Connecting Parks to Communities program allows a design consultant to be hired this winter who will convert concept to construction drawings. With this package more grants will be pursued to fund the actual implementation of the plan and within 5 years the vision should be complete.

 Meanwhile more paved path infrastructure is being built with (and paid for by) the current US 191 car bridge replacement that will end in Spring of 2011.


2 Responses to “More new stuff in Moab”

  1. Laura Rossetter April 12, 2012 at 1:07 am #

    My husband and I just send a donation to your organization to help you keep doing the good stuff you are doing with new trail construction. We recently rode the Baby Steps trail system and were so impressed with the new trail construction that has been occurring. Ditto for the Bar M trails and ditto for Mag 7, etc, etc.

    We’ve been riding in Moab since 1988. For many years we went frequently, but as the motorized use became so intense, we stopped coming. The crowds on the old faves like Poison Spider were just too impacting for the experience we wanted. Overall, we support multi-use trails and feel separated use should be a last resort but it was time in Moab for some designated non-motorized trails and we commend MTA for being so involved with and active in the process of creating so many new trails. They are fabulous and greatly appreciated by many!

  2. moabtrails April 13, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    Thanks so much for your donation. You are the second person to click on our new DONATE button and we are thrilled!!! There are new trails being worked on right now, as we speak, out at the Klondike Bluffs/Baby Steps area. Trail Mix is unstoppable with the crew of Scott and Geoff and Sandy and Brian and Jeff and Brooks. They are pros and we are soooo lucky to have them!

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