New Trails

The Colorado Riverway Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge is the centerpiece of the North Moab Recreation Areas Alternative Transportation Plan. The grand opening was held in May 2007. It is located just 600 feet upstream from the US 191 car bridge with access from Lions Park, Grand County’s Transportation and Trail Hub.


Moab Brands Mountain Biking Area. is a system of ever expanding loops designed to keep every member of the family entertained on fun and exciting slickrock trails. The routes have been designed to minimize impacts to critical living soil crusts, AKA Cryptogams if you haven’t gotten with the new lingo. Every rider should know what they look like and keep their bikes and bodies off of them. “Don’t bust the crust!” is our motto here in the desert.

  • Drive north out of Moab on Highway 191, 8 miles to the Bar M sign on the right. Park in the Bar M Chuckwagon lot with bathroom for a fee or continue down the road 1/4 mile to trailhead parking.
  • A paved bike path from outside of town allows riders to access trails by bike, be prepared for a stout climb up Moab Canyon.
  • Trail difficulties range from easy to advanced.

Pipe Dream Mountain Biking Area. A long time dream of Moab locals is now a reality with this awesome new trail system right on the south edge of Moab. Test your skills on Moab’s most accesible singletrack. No need to drive, just head out on your bike!

-Tail can be accessed from 3 Trailsheads:

  • Aspen Ave. off of Kane Creek Blvd. right in town, minimal parking
  • Jackson Street across highway 191 from 400E on South end of town, no parking.
  • Hidden Valley Trailhead at Angel Rock Road. (mile marker 122) has the most parking. Kidden Valley is a popular hiking trail.

-Much of this trail borders private land, please respect land owners wishes.

-The Pipe Dream Trail is advances with narrow, technicaly difficult challenges.

-Please clean up after your dogs.


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